A Magical Night’s Sleep Awaits

Feel the difference of 100% Egyptian Cotton™ and discover a little magic along the way.

Our Philosophy

We craft authentic, artisan products

that embody luxury, beauty, comfort, and affordability — modern objects of desire and imagination — so you can create your own story.


Wise Decisions Feel Oh So Good

Wise Decisions Feel Oh So Good
Wise Decisions Feel Oh So Good
  • Long-staple cotton: Fewer connection points between fibers mean fewer opportunities for breakage, ensuring a long-lasting, sumptuous material.

  • Hand-harvested: Our impressive hand-harvested process enables an undeniably soft feel and lends itself to a pile-free, wrinkle-free look with no iron needed.

  • Authentic quality: The Giza Egyptian Cotton is harvested along the coastal town of Alexandria, spindled along the Nile River, and then finished in our atelier in Egypt.

  • Breathable fabric: The fine fibers have moisture-wicking capabilities for a more breathable feel, plus they allow fabric dye to permeate for a more vibrant hue.


The Difference Is In The Threads

Did you know thread count is not necessarily an indicator of quality? Rather, it’s a combination of the type of cotton and the weaving technique. This is why we’ve sourced the world’s choicest cotton and paired with either an artisan percale or sateen weave.

  • 300 Thread Count

    Breathable material that feels light and soft all through the night

  • 500 Thread Count

    An otherworldly creation that goes beyond that 5-star hotel feeling