What is so special about Egyptian Cotton?

Dec 4, 2022

by Aneski

LearnWhat is so special about Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for bedding because it's soft, durable and luxurious. If you have ever slept on genuine Egyptian cotton sheets or a pillowcase, you will agree that they are worth the price. But what makes our Egyptian cotton bedding so special? Here's why we think it's worth every penny!

Egyptian cotton is valued for its superior quality and exceptional durability.

If you are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting set of sheets, then Egyptian cotton is definitely worth the investment.

With long-staple Egyptian cotton you get sheets that are,

  • More resistant to piling
  • More resistant to shrinking
  • More resistant to fading

And that’s not all, Egyptian cotton sheets become softer with every wash and are extra resistant to wrinkling due to their long and strong fibers.

100% Egyptian Cotton vs. Egyptian Cotton Blends

If you are in the market for a new set of sheets and have been considering buying Egyptian cotton, it is important to know about the difference between 100% Egyptian cotton and Egyptian cotton blends. 100% Egyptian cotton sheets are made from 100% fiber that comes from Egypt, while blended sheets contain both Egyptian and non-Egyptian cotton fibers. Because blended sheets contain other types of materials, they come at a lower price point and lower quality.

Choosing 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding is a great step in upgrading your bedding experience with a luxurious, high-quality fabric.

If you want to upgrade your bedding experience, upgrading to 100% Egyptian Cotton is the way to go. The subtle difference between Egyptian cotton and other cottons is that it feels smoother and silkier, making it more luxurious. This can be seen in both sateen and percale fabrics (the two most common weaves). Sateen has a smooth finish, making it soft but still durable enough for everyday use. Percale is lighter than sateen but still made from long-staple fibers which give it a luxurious feel; this makes percale ideal for those who want something light but still very comfortable.

What makes our Egyptian cotton bedding so special and unique?

Egyptian cotton is known for its high quality and soft, luxurious feel that improves with each wash. It's also durable, meaning it can withstand multiple machine washings without losing any of its softness or color.

That's why so many people love Egyptian cotton bedding! Our Egyptian Cotton sheets are actually made in Egypt by a factory that has been operating for over 50 years and is known for producing some of the finest Egyptian cotton products available. This makes our sheets especially comfortable because they're produced with certified raw materials from Egypt which guarantees their authenticity.

So there you have it: a quick rundown on what makes Egyptian Cotton so special. If you're looking for upgrade your bedding with high-quality material, we hope you check out our website. And if not — well, at least now you know what makes Egyptian cotton so great!

Soft And Made To Last.

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