Cotton That Tells A Thousand Tales

Our story begins closely intertwined with that of Egypt itself. When Frenchman Monsieur Jumel stumbled upon some forgotten cotton plants in a wild Cairo garden, he turned the unexpected into something grandeur.

Through some experimentation, he fashioned the luxurious extra-long-staple cotton. Egypt’s ruler was enamored. The Egyptian economy flourished, and this cotton’s fame lived on. To this day, it remains the softest, most durable cotton available.

Cotton That Tells A Thousand Tales
Cotton That Tells A Thousand Tales


We use centuries of expert craftsmanship to bring back ancient tradition and elevate it into modern times—championing over mass-produced products and making luxe histories accessible to the everyday person.

With our atelier in Egypt, and our headquarters & fulfillment centers in the US, we are able to continue with the original process: growing, harvesting, manufacturing 100% in Egypt, and bringing it straight to your door with ease.

New Beginnings

Phonetically similar to Egyptian words, the word “Aneski” doesn't have a definition. It’s a name that gives us a blank space to create our own stuff — something with a comforting familiarity to it, and yet something that is still entirely new.

Fashion (meets) Utility

With an office in New York, the world of fashion seeps into each and every collection. Our pieces are made to set the tone for a good night’s sleep while also serving as a unique talking piece you’re excited to boast about.

  • 01

    Timeless designs

  • 02

    Dewrinkles with ease

  • 03

    Washes & irons beautifully

Authenticity (meets) Originality

We don’t just craft the finest sleepery, we also create uniquely modern pieces. We are wildly inspired by nostalgia, culture, a combination of natural and manmade materials, vibrant colors, intriguing motifs, and the unexpected.

  • 01

    Optimum thread count range

  • 02

    Elegant hues that don’t fade

  • 03

    Ideal color absorption

Quality (meets) Affordability

Life is a journey made of little moments of luxury, investing in small but mighty comforts that mark your journey and make it worthwhile. From harvest to your home, we can offer a “no middle man” price so luxury isn’t just an indulgence—it’s an intelligent choice.

  • 01

    100% certified Egyptian Cotton

  • 02

    Premium materials and processes

  • 03

    More durable than competition


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